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Creating Tranquility: Unveiling the Secrets to Infusing Serenity into Your Space

We all have stress, things like work or other life hiccups, and we want a place where we can come to escape those stressors. Your home needs to have a peaceful atmosphere and help you recharge from the day. But for many of us, getting to this point of calm in our home can be very stressful.

Creating a zen environment goes beyond your design styles and objects within the space, it starts with simple, mindful practices that allow you to feel stress-free. Below we'll go over 10 things you can start with today to transform your home into a balanced and peaceful retreat.

Conquer the Clutter

Clutter in our homes can create both physical as well as unconscious chaos. A lot of the time if things start to pile up around our homes coupled with disorganization we could find ourselves taking 20 minutes to find that pair of shoes so that we can fly out of the door with the overall feeling of distress. Take some time to go through room by room and clean and organize these piles around your home. You'll feel so much lighter after going through and getting rid of some unnecessary stuff.

The Power of Color

We all know that our moods change when we walk into certain rooms and it's usually because of the addition of a colorful wall or statement piece. When we walk into our favorite spa and the blue shade they use and immediately we are relaxed, or we walk into someone's new kitchen remodel, and they added a shade of mood-lifting yellow. Choosing the right color scheme will take some time and can be challenging to commit to. It's best to experiment with different shades and combinations with large swatches to determine how they may impact the feeling of your space.

Adding Greenery

When we are looking to get away from it all, people often escape to nature, whether it is gardening at home or taking a long hike with their dogs. So, it's obvious that we should bring the restorative qualities of nature indoors. Not only do they add a nice green pop of color to your design, but plants also eliminate toxins from indoor spaces, while adding re-oxygenating your home. If adding live plants to your home seems like a daunting task, there are many low-maintenance varieties out there that don't take much effort but give you maximum effects!

Natural Light

Nothing lightens your mood more than looking out of window when you've been inside head down for a prolonged period of time. I love to see natural light pouring into a well-designed room, it adds something new and different every time. A naturally lit room boosts productivity, improves moods and creates a peaceful atmosphere more than any artificial light could ever. If you live somewhere, like an apartment, with little to no windows, the best tip would be to add reflective surfaces to your space. The amount of natural light will increase 2x by allowing to bounce off the things like large mirrors or lacquered pieces.

Strong Sense of Smell

Scent Memory is a powerful tool and can help transport people to lovely memories or past places they been. Even though candles can be considered small home accessories their ability to give off a warm, comforting glow and inviting aroma to make them so important. Try finding a candle that reminds you of your favorite travel destinations or a soothing spa scent. If you don't like burning candles in your home oil diffusers can provide an alternative way to make your home smell amazing.

These are a couple of examples how your home can help you unwind from the stresses of life. Incorporating a few of these will give you the zen you've been craving. Want an even more in-depth relaxing design for your home? Set up a consultation with us here!

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