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Guest Room Office Combo: 5 Ingenious Ways to Double the Space!

If you are anything like me you need your guest room to do double duty and work as an at-home office from time to time. The concept seems easy, a bed for guests to stay over and a desk big enough for a computer, but in hindsight, it's a little more complicated to put together.

So, I've rounded up 5 ideas for you to create outstanding-looking spaces that function how you need them to, part-time guest room and part-time office.

  1. Murphy Beds- I know you're thinking 90's sitcoms and getting stuck in them, but these are gaining popularity again in guest room decor. They've become more like custom cabinetry pieces which makes them perfect for both offices as well as guest rooms.

2. Daybed and writing desks- This is what I personally have in my home and I believe it's the most functional solution for a small space. You have somewhere to work and relax, plus if you procure a daybed with a trundle, you can double the sleeping space or make a larger sleeping area for your guests!

3. Sofa Bed and Executive Desk- We've all seen these two pieces of furniture may be in the same room, but the layout of the space in the photo below is something new to me! I love that the spaces have their own dedicated spaces within the room. So, you know exactly where the working space ends and the sleeping/relaxing space begins. I'm definitely going to create a space plan with this layout.

4. Small Writing Desk paired with a traditional bed. This is the most traditional-looking layout of the office/ guest room combo. In my opinion, this is for someone that may have a good amount of guests visiting their home on a regular basis and you want them to feel at home in yours. The small desk could double as a workplace for you or your guests, and you can give your guests that hotel feeling. For the extra sense of special put the desk in front of a window with a good view.

5. Large Window seat- For a more custom option, if you own an older home with windows you want to highlight this would be perfect. A custom window seat could be made into any size and even big enough for someone to enjoy a good night's sleep. Depending on what your family needs maybe you could also add storage and a comfortable padded roll, like in the photo above.

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