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Measure a room like this before you start any interior project

Starting any remodeling or home decorating project, it's best to get clear and accurate measurements of the room where your project will be taking place. If you are working with a designer on this project, they will most likely come in and measure your spaces themselves, but for simple projects you do yourself this method can come in very handy!

measuring a room for interior transformation

I like to do this simple exercise even if I'm thinking about moving my existing furniture just to get an idea of what your space will look like as well as if things will fit in their new respective places before the back-breaking work of moving furniture.

To start you will need three items:

  1. Something to write on could be a piece of paper, a notepad, or even your iPad

  2. A pencil or pen

  3. Measuring tape

Step 1: Start by drawing the relative shape of your room. Generally, rooms are rectangular in shape or are made up of multiple rectangular shapes put together. This sketch doesn't have to be perfect, so don't worry about getting your ruler out for straight lines.

Step 2: Now you'll want to draw on any features of your room. This includes things like, doorways, windows, columns, fireplaces or built-in cabinetry. You'll want to draw in anything that will become a hindrance when you begin to place furniture or hang art.

Step 3: From here grab our measuring tape and start measuring the walls. The easiest way would be to measure them along the floor, but if something is in the way midwall will be perfect. Mark the measurement on your room sketch each time you measure a wall, you may forget a measurement if you try to memorize them all at one time. You don't want to have to go back and remeasure! This process is supposed to be quick! Don't forget to include the width of any doors, windows, or any other features.

Step 4: Lastly, don't forget to measure your ceiling height, you may already know this measure from when you bought your home. This measure will be useful when selecting the height of furniture as well as for window treatments.

At Soul Styles Studio we will ask for this final drawing at the beginning of any of our virtual design services, Check out all of our services here! Also if this seems a little too DIY for you our designers would be more than happy to do this step for you, if you are local to Hickory, NC, as a included amenity in our full design service.

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