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Trend Spotlight: Seascape, And How to Add It to Your Space

The newest live-action Disney movie of the Little Mermaid came out recently and everyone is RAVING about it because it was AMAZING! But that got me thinking of the even more amazing graphics and how this trending under-the-sea imagery has been everywhere lately!

Of course, my interior designer brain immediately started thinking about how can we add this trend into our spaces, so that we can live out mermaid dreams every day. Below is what I've come up with so that you can do just that!

Deep Sea-Inspired Tabletop Accessories

Large shell dishes, flowering coral, or even a vase with tentacle like shapes on them can be placed on any shelf or bookcase to add the whimsical touch of Seascape design. Adding this trend to your space doesn't have to be done in a large way, the small touches still make a big impact.

Natural Textures

Think of the beautiful textures you could find on your favorite coastline. Things that come to my mind are sand, shells, seagrass, and even rope. You can add these textures through small accessories such as lighting and mirrors or go bigger with things like grass cloth wallpaper or shell tiles glistening up the walls of a bathroom.

Glass Accents

Glass accents could've fit in the above-mentioned categories with large blown glass tabletop accessories in any shape you could imagine or that recycled glass objects with the bubbles in them for that familiar texture. I think my favorite way to incorporate this trend in glass would be in accent lighting. The fixture stays airy with a barely there feel and when you pair with the organic shape it's literally perfect!

Abstract Ocean Inspired Landscapes

Lastly, if ocean landscapes are your thing by all means add them to your space, but to me this is very dated and a little cheesy. So, something more abstract is something I can get behind. You still get that feeling of calm something that washes over you with being by the water with a more modern take. The best way to do this in my opinion would be a real luxury silk and wool rug or a large piece of art hanging on a wall.

I'm totally loving all the under the sea love and I hope this helped you figure out a way to add this trend to your space. It's ok if you want to kiss the girl... :) I would love to hear what trend you would want to speak about next. I love taking the imagery and turning into functional decorating ideas! Talk to you soon!
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